August 11, 2020 2 min read

“Get Hammocked “is not just a statement but something you will realize after you owe one.. The best place to spend some Me Time is on a hammock and we bet you will be lost in your own world. The hammock  supports your body  so well that you are going to feel like a baby once again rocking your worries away and breathing into your dreams . The slight swinging motion along with a lovely breeze ,something to sip on and your favourite book  is the ultimate luxury of owing the moment . Wouldn’t this be the most priceless procession?

Get hammocked for the following reasons you can’t take a chance to miss in your life.

#1. Your perfect place to doze off.

Suspended in mid air hammocks places you into the perfect body sleeping position and when accompanied with a slight swinging motion anyone would fall asleep. In the lap of nature or by a sea side or in your portico we bet you would sleep your worries off .




#2. Designed for comfort.

When you lay on a hammock there is less flipping and turning as you are very comfortably placed .The hammock is weaved in such a way that there is an elevation of your head above your body making it a naturally inclined position for resting while your body is resting . This gives you the complete relaxing position for your body and mind.



#3. A peaceful, calm, rejuvenating mind and body.

The more comfortable you are while you rest the more peaceful and rejuvenated you wake up. This piece of handy, roll up outdoor furniture gives you nothing less than a  Spa treatment. You are ready to conquer your dreams and the world.


#4. A perfect place for all your me time activities.

Want to read your favourite book, listen to your favourite music, sipping on your favourite drink, get some sunshine or just gazing in the sky and connecting with the universe, then get hammocked.

This beautiful piece of handicraft made with sustainable raw materials like organic cotton, FSC certified wooden spreader bars etc. Each and every hammock is made by  women from the start to the final finished product. With a sheer will to support and encourage the women towards empowerment each piece of hammock purchased  is an added asset  in your life. Each purchase will only make you a proud owner of this classic handicraft and also you are indirectly supporting a nobel cause. A portion of the sales proceeds helps so many lives to be uplifted.  Lets join in giving back a bit to the world we live in by supporting each and every one possible in whatever way we can.

Lets get Hammocked then !!


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