40 x 60 x 2.7 CM | TUSSOCK DOOR MAT, BOOT SCRAPER, Brown for Main Door, Back Door, Entrance, Shop, Office, Home

HANGIT® Tussock Door Mat | Boot Scraper 40 cm x 60 X 2.7  cm 

The HANGIT tussock coir doormat is a solid  100% outdoor mat to withstand any weathering condition. The placement of natural fibre coir tuffs allows you and your guests to choose a direction to brush your feet on the mat to get rid-off the dirt and dust from the grooves in your boots and base of your foot ware. The durable rubber mat traps all the dust and dirt into the fibrous tussocks and you could dust it off without any mess in your doorway by just flipping the mat upside down and tapping it on the ground till all the dry dust falls off . It is a natural fibre made from the husk of coconut, and is a sustainable resource too. The natural colour tone of the coir mat welcomes guests to walk all over it and brush their feet clean while they walk in to your home or office . This beautifully designed coir makes it easier for the fibres to slide in and scrub out mud and dirt from the bottom of your foot ware. Box Contains 1 x HANGIT coir rubber mat

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